$99 start up fee for all levels (software license fee)


One-time Consultation Option

The coach consultation includes a one hour discussion with a TrainingPeaks Level 2 coach on the phone or video call. This also includes one month of TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition and a completed coaching consultation summary after your call.

Many people collect data, but how many people know what to do with all that information?

We will help plan and manage your key workouts. You’ll automatically receive the workout via email, or just log in and sync TrainingPeaks to your calendar. After syncing your watch/trainer/device to TrainingPeaks Software, all you need to do is hit “start”, then  “save” your workout and everything goes straight to us! Easy as it gets!

What we see tells a story. Above is a swim with a warm-up, 25m, 50m, 100m, & 150m intervals. This is one of the ways we can know EXACTLY what you did and hold you accountable.

Above is a cycling work out on an athletes trainer. The four recorded metrics are Cadence(yellow), HR (red), Speed(green), and Power(pink). Theres many different things a coach on the other side of the work can see from this. Find someone who understands data like we do and you’ll be set!

Testing Alternative

Above you are looking at a running workout on the track that included intervals at the athletes goal race pace. Your fitness device records several metrics using the HR strap/infared, accelerometer, and GPS. Notice the grey background that represent elevation did not change because running tracks do not change elevation.

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