What Triathlon is to me.

Someone once said “its more than just a sport, its a lifestyle.” A lifestyle that comes naturally and is very welcoming to everyone involved or interested. There is little downfall in training for triathlon. The sport changes peoples lives forever. Its keeps people learning, achieving, and keeps hundreds of thousands motivated for a lifetime. You will never get bored or stop learning in this sport. Opportunities begin to arise, almost from nowhere.

The Feeling of running down the finishers chute is exhilarating. A surge of energy will hit, and motivation will soar sky high. That feeling is addictive. It gives people from all walks of life, health, fitness, and friendship. To me, Its more than just a lifestyle. Just swim bike run to stay fit for life. It WILL transform the weak into strong, and the strong into even stronger! Its absolutely amazing what the sport does for people.


“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road…

– Muhammad Ali

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What is an early memory of sport as a child?

One of the first times standing out athletically was in fourth grade. A sports journalist from the local paper had asked the principal if she could do a story on a group of fourth and fifth graders that could run a mile in under 7 minutes.  There were eight of us. The journalist told us we only get one chance. Before this time trial, running a 6:30 second mile was normal for the majority of us, With our confidence high, we gathered on a professional track.

At the beep of a watch, the eight bolted off the start line. I felt confident and strong the entire run, until I felt my shoe loosen around the top of my ankle. I continue to run, changing my stride to try to keep my shoe from falling off. Finally, my shoe falls off, I quickly grab it, put it on and tie it. The shoelace had become untied again less than 100 yards later. Again, I stopped to tie my shoe.

“Twice in one mile?! You have got to be kidding me!”

Crossing the finish line I heard the beep of the watch. With nerves flowing, I wait for the remaining two students behind me to finish before asking my time! The Journalist said “7 minutes and 8 seconds, you were so close. You still did a Great Job!”

“What?!… Noooo” I thought as I crossed my fingers above my head.

That time was not fast enough for any recognition. I remember asking if I could do it again, but the journalist would not allow it. I felt robbed. Someone should have stressed the importance of double tying shoes sooner. I wondered why the people who taught me how to tie my laces(bunny ears style or the wrap around style), didn’t teach the importance of double tying!

Perhaps, being deprived of that acknowledgment in the newspaper is a contributing factor to what drives me today. Later, Our PE teacher taught the whole class how and why to tie your races before you run. Many years later I learn how to properly tie running shoe laces. Since then, I have taught many other kids the same trick. When it counts, my shoes have never become untied while in stride. Even now, at the start line of any run, I remind people.

Eventually I switched to elastic laces as my main running shoes preference as they speed up transition times and provides consistent foot support.

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As a child, what did you always want to do when you “grow up”?

We were required to write a letter to ourselves it at age 8 in school in elementary school that we would receive ten years later. The teacher would actually keep the letters for ten years before she would send them back to us! I wrote that I wanted to go Skydiving , be a Automotive Technician, and be a Professional Athlete. Eventually, I went skydiving with my mom for her fiftieth birthday and was managing a Full Service Automotive Facility before deciding I wanted to pursue the last thing on the list I had wrote 16 years earlier.

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