Austin Mitchell

USATLIIE Coach, “In Person” Corrective Exercise Specialist, & Multiple All American Triathlete

This is My Story

Never asking for anyone to provide for me since age 16, I went on to work in a  fast paced environment managing an automotive business and Contracting industry. I love solving problems and am inherantly competitive.

I did gain 35 pounds of fat around age 20. After a tramatic car accident where nobody was hurt or killed, it help shapre a revolutionary though about the purpose of life. That day I stopped many self destructive habits.

A new level of conciousness shaped the decisions over the next decade. Without wasting time, I took a risk and decided to invest in FastesTTransition and travel around the world to pursue triathlon philoshpy.

Born in San Francisco, I traveled to Boulder with my fiance’ and partner, Viktoryia. We decided to move to the Fitness Mecca and high performance world of Boulder Colorado. After two years of learning Boulder, San Diego was the next place on our lists of places to live and grow our businesses. I’ve always been a optamistic AND a realist. It takes attention and willingness to take educated risks. 


Change your life with Austin

  • Running 30%
  • Swimming 30%
  • Weight Training 7%
  • Cycling 33%
“Long term consistency beats short term intensity, everytime.” -Bruce Lee

Race history. Past three years: Age Group 25-29

Personal Best

My immediate goals is to be the best coach I can be for the athletes I coach. My goal is to have a sense of “well being” for helping others acomplish high level of performance in multiple aspects of life.

Fun fact: Austin’s FastesTTransition time is 26 seconds and usually has the fastest overall transition times in every triathlon race he participates in. 

Learn how to ‘Transition’ faster than the pros.

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  • 2013
  • Run Wild SF ­ 3rd in AG
  • Valentines Day Dash 2nd overall
  • Valentine’s Day Dash ­ 1st in AG
  • Stanford Triathlon 2nd in AG
  • UC Davis Triathlon
  • MTS Championship 15th overall
  • Napa HITS Triathlon ­ 1st in AG
  • Hits Series Triathlon 3rd overall
  • Presidio Run SF ­ 2nd in AG
  • Wild Flower Championship Top 30
  • Alcatraz Swim ­ 1st out
  • Bay to Breakers Top .04%
  • Stanford Triathlon
  • Escape from Alcatraz 22nd in AG


  • Bay to Breakers ­ .05% top finisher
  • Shadow Cliff Int’l. (CIT) 3rd in AG
  • Golden Gate Triathlon (mechanical failure)
  • Santa Cruz Triathlon 4th in AG
  • Tri For Real (Rancho Seco) ­ 5th in AG
  • Oakland Half Marathon 15th OA
  • Tiburon Triathlon ­ 1st in AG
  • Santa Cruz Triathlon ­ 1st in AG
  • Pacific Grove Triathlon 1st in AG
  • Tri For Real (Pleasanton) ­ 1st in AG
  • Santa Cruz Triathlon 9th OA(pro cat)
  • Marin County 3rd Overall(2013)
  • Marin County 1st Overall Finisher(2014)
  • 2015
  • USA Indoor Triathlon 2nd OA
  • Davis Triathlon 2nd OA
  • Stanford Triathlon 1st OA
  • Marin County Swim 1st OA
  • Kemah Triathlon 4th OA
  • Wildflower 7th OA
  • Bay to Breakers 146th OA
  • Shadow Cliff International (CIT) 6th OA
  • AG National Championships 19th in AG
  • Pacific Gove 5th OA
  • Santa Cruz Triathlon Sprint  1st OA
  • Scott Tinley’s Triathlon Olympic 1st OA
  • Runners World Half  24th of 2100
  • Runners World Trail Run 2n OA
  • Lafayette Reservoir Run 5k  1st OA
  • Austin 70.3 Ironman 2nd in AG (Qualified for IMWC 70.3 2016)
  • 2016 (Moved from SF to Boulder)
  • T2 Indoor Triathlon 1st OA
  • WildFlower Olympic 1st OA
  • Boulder 70.7 Ironman 6th in AG
  • Boulder Peak (CANCELLED)
  • Age Group Nationals 8th in AG 18 OA
  • Ironman World Championship 70.3 49th in AG, 207th OA
  • Austin 70.3 (swim Cancelled) 3:50 2nd in AG
  • 2017
  • AIR FORCE ONE MILE 4:49 at 7,000 ft
  • Galveston 70.3 TIME 4:13
  • St George North American Championships 4:26 4th in AG
  • Boulder Summer Open 5th OA
  • Colorado Triathlon 4th OA
  • Boulder Peak 8th OA
  • AG NATIONALS DNF (Bike accident)
  • Beer Mile (New Record) 5:53