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Your Goals

If you envision a faster race, losing/gaining weight, learning technique, or just a healthier lifestyle, training with an experienced athlete and coach Austin Mitchell,  you will find the fittest version of yourself! We ensure the fastest transition to that vision.

Find a coach with understanding of the biomechanics of exercise and the ability to prescribe drills and exercises to effect corrective changes in the shortest amount of time. Find a coach who understands you. Find a coach who truly cares!

Everyone needs a coach. Even coaches need coaches. Humans a hardwired to easily learn and perform at their best when they have knowledgeable guidance. Although people desire the knowledge from such professionals, trusting that person is the key to the trainee’s success. Trusting Austin Mitchell, owner of FastesTTransition, is the perfect way to prepare yourself to be the fastest and strongest version of yourself.

Our Guidance

Whether your goal is to lose weight, complete your first triathlon, or your 50th triathlon, FastesTTransition’s mission is to get you there. Together, we will improve your fitness, prevent injury, and help teach strategies of professional training in the most time effective way possible.

Austin Mitchell trainer

“Look inside yourself; how bad do you want it? Allow me to prove to you that I’m the most dedicated endurance coach to help individualize workouts to your body and schedule.” -Austin USAT LIIE Coach

We promise that your personal well being and physical improvement to success, is our number one priority. Learn from someone who is full of energy and passionate about your fitness and health.  Together we can make it happen.

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